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Internet Advertising

Another good reason to live without the Internet is the spying. I look for a product, and then pop over to another site. Guess what. Every website I open has an add for the same product from different vendors. I am dealing directly with the manufacturer on an ultrasonic cleaner. I want a specific size, and want to make sure I know how to use it. So I go directly to the manufacturer. Who just happens to know who offers the best price, and can send me over to a list of dealers with very high ratings, and great support.

There is something about those ads that pop up on all those websites. Ever try clicking on them? Half take you to a page showing what they want to sell you. The other half have the same item, but at a much higher price. Do they think I’m stupid? Why would I pay a higher price? I’ll tell you why. The manufacturer posts technical information about the product. That is their advertising. The manufacturer deals mainly with companies who want to sell their products. Advertising costs are low. Post a spec sheet, and the traffic will come. The manufacturer will suggest vendors who actually read those spec sheets, and sell a lot because they provide service with the products they sell. Their advertising is largely good old fashion word of mouth. Prices are much higher on website banner ads because those ads are expensive, and the cost is passed onto the consumer. Pretty basic economics.

Real Estate plays by the same rules. Click on a banner ad to find a real estate agent and the cost of that ad is passed onto the consumer. Just because an agent buys online advertising does not make them a better agent. Quite the contrary, Their advertising costs can be so high, they need to work on too many contracts at one time, details can be missed, and they may not be as diligent as they should be when it comes to the details on your home.

The old bait and switch may be a factor. To pay advertising fees, you may be shown only homes that make a bigger commission for the agent. When someone is working to pay the advertising bills, you will see higher costs on one end, and a lower degree of service on the other side.

Of course we need the Internet to sell homes. The Internet is a great tool to help sell or find a home. But it is a tool you have to learn how to use before you can be a skilled laborer in any field. When you hire people to do your work for you, of course you are going to pass the dost onto your customers, and may be less effective in other areas. Learning to use the Internet teaches lessons in other areas. We can use the Internet for good, or let it use and manipulate us.

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