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National Referral Services

National Referral Services

I was asked by a friend to find a reliable Real Estate Agent to list their home for sale in another state. Usually that’s not a problem. I search for Agents with blogs showing a little bit of personality with a large degree of professionalism, and knowledge. What I found shocked me.

It may be due to a different market, but I sent out 4 requests, asking them to contact me about a listing in the area. Not 1 agent responded. So I made a few calls. 2 answered their phones, the other 2 didn’t return the message I felt on their phone. Were they too busy to get a listing?

Then surprises began to unfold. Commissions were between 8-10% and they wanted long term contracts between 6-12 months. Well, I thought those rates were a little high for agents who I had to chase down for a referral.

The only thing I got out of that referral was a few good laughs when I looked at listings some of those agents put on the Internet. Of course I called Agents with great pictures, but some of them I didn’t call – well it was obvious why I passed on them. It appeared a number of agents used cell phones to take pictures of homes for sale, posting many out of focus. Some had 1-2 pictures for listings.

Then I looked at descriptions. Some copied and pasted descriptions. One size fits all. Then of course I skipped over agents with no picture on their profiles. Come on now, a little common sense here. But I found out, some websites charge for an upgraded profile. I looked at my profile on some of those sites. It had a picture and the site told me it was 100% complete. But, my picture, sales, and client referrals didn’t show up on the site. But an ad to buy an upgrade on the site was there.


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