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Choose Your Options Well; But Choose One

Theif 1Are you seeing problems with properties broken into and copper wiring and plumbing being stolen? I lost 6 sales over the past 6 months due to this problem. This happened to one of my listings which had an accepted offer in 3 days, due to close in 10 days.


I talked to the local police and was told they make a number of arrests, but the DA refused to prosecute any cases, not even after 18 arrests. The suspect simply claims they found the material on the side of the road.


These suspects are costing the Real Estate industry a fortune. They cause 10s of thousands of dollars of damage to remove maybe $100 worth of material. They will destroy a $70 sink for $4 of brass, strip wiring to get another $30 when the replacement cost can exceed $6000. It makes no sense. During the summer these suspects could make more money cutting lawn grass in less time. During the winter they could shovel snow…. something.


Since the police have to catch the suspect in the act, I suggested the simple solution. Most thefts are in a 10 block radius. The police already identified suspects and vehicles. Seems like a no brainer to me. An officer sees one of the trucks parked in front of a property with a Real Estate sign … let me see …. what would you deduce?


They may be using a different vehicle. It would still be a truck. If a truck is in the area, parked in front of a property with a Real Estate sign at 3 AM, check to see if the engine is warm. If it is, call for back up and check.


They don’t have the time for officers to get out of the car to check. Ummm could make a comment, but the easy solution is to purchase a few simple infrared temperature meters. They are about $100 and can read temperatures of objects from 20-25 feet or more. This may only be a good idea if the city can buy these simple instruments from their normal suppliers for $100,000 a piece.


The police don’t know which properties are vacant and for sale. A simple solution is to send the police MLS updates, sort of like the suspects are getting. Once the police have a list, updated everyday by the MLS, they can be one step ahead, or at least as well informed as the suspects.


I know this problem can be eliminated or at least controlled if someone actually cared. The problem is, this problem never should been allowed to grow.

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