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Most Sophisticated Scam On The Internet

Scams are hitting a new level of sophistication. Now you can purchase your own scam package complete with a web site, instructions, and templates. These sites have information on how these scams work:




I received an email which seemed too good to be true. A job for 65K a year plus bonuses. I didn’t want to click the link but copied a name of the company and conducted a search. A company popped up, so I e-mailed them. I received and answer. The company from the Internet search was in one country, the other from Spain. The scams are now using names of legitimate companies. In this case the scam added a hyphen in the name.

I didn’t want to click the link, so I copied a portion of the Internet address and put it in a browser. A company came up. I clicked on Job opportunity and guess what—— a page came up.

There was a long explanation…. not the best sentence structure or use of English, but much better than what we usually see. They explain they cannot get paid on USA accounts, so they will have checks sent to you. Of course you deposit the check, deduct your share and wire the remaining amount. Sound familiar? The old send you a bad check, take out an amount and wire the rest over seas.

This is so new the name of the company does not lead to any scam warning. I found the scam links by copying their offer, or a portion of their agreement. It seems someone is marketing this scam. They set people up with all the materials and sell them software and a web site to rip people off on.

This is getting to be too much. Why are we spending billions in homeland security and can’t shut down any of these sites. Let me guess…. they have freedom of speech.

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