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Government Housing Relief

This just dawned on me today. Watching the news showed homes on the east coast with no repairs, heat, running water, electric or natural gas months after a storm. Why? How can we let this happen in the USA? Has New Orleans ever finished rebuilding? The common factor seems to be a government agency known as FEMA. When FEMA gets involved it seems the wheels of progress seem to grind to a screeching halt.


I can’t say much about FEMA, but it seems another government agency using the same operating procedures as FEMA is responsible for our housing recovery. Some of the things this government agency has done is create a series of agencies to oversee every aspect of the housing recovery. They claim they are looking out for our best interest by screening contractors on every step of the process from clean out, re-keying, on rare occasions remodeling, and marketing homes for sale. The process is a lot more complicated than normal procedures followed by private organizations in the same business. One of the things I have noticed and verified in the housing market and suspect this is why FEMA cannot accomplish tasks they move in and take over, involves how they approve contractors. It is impossible to register as a contractor in the government housing market. I’ve tried it and talked to a number of other people who have tried. I also read a number of interesting stories on the Internet. It is impossible to contact the right person, or anyone with any information on how to register as an approved contractor. They seem to have their own system to pick and choose why they want to work, and who does not.


Anyone know for sure? Does FEMA have total control of contractors in locations they are supposed to be assisting?


One more thought —– do you think our government puts 1/10 the effort into screening contractors and companies making a living by lobbying our elected representatives for favors and $$$$$$ ????

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