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Listing a Home on a Busy Street

This is not something that goes wrong in Real Estate, but a problem we face from time to time, Listing a home for sale on a busy street. This has its challenges in Real Estate which can only be met by either finding the 1 in 1000 buyer, or reducing the price while preparing the home to a pristine, Q-tip clean condition.

Another more common problem to over come when listing a property is a home in the 900 to 1100 square foot range. No matter what the market, Buyers will find a great number of choices in this size of home. The competition is fierce and has reached a much higher degree over the past few years. When listing a house of this type two major factors need to be considered. How many foreclosures are in the immediate area, and what is their price range? How many foreclosures have been purchased, remodeled and now offered for sale in the area? Foreclosures of course will represent the low end of the market. Remodeled homes are most likely price just below market value, offering the most for the money. Because they are also vacant, they are available whenever Buyers choose to view them. These are the two major concerns creating the greatest competition.

Other factors to consider in Real Estate is the proximity to rental properties, businesses districts, rail roads, and other elements contributing to excess noise.

All of these are factors difficult to over come when it is time to sell your home. If you fit into one or more of the above categories, you will definitely need a market plan to sell your home. The home needs to be squeaky clean and available for viewing at a moments notice. The more pictures the better. A professional write up describing major features of your home in detail is essential. The best sales strategy is to make the Buyer feel at home before they get in the car to view the home. There has to be something about the home Buyers will remember. Most likely Buyers will view 4-8 homes in the same price range in a day, What is going to be the one factor of your home that will bring the Buyer to the table?

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