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Selling your home on the Internet

Let’s face it, in today’s market, Real Estate Agents are faced with a decision, do I focus on

Homes Sold in Menomonee Falls

Form Sale to Sold using the latest technology

quantity, or quality?

With the advent of the computer, and increased reliance on Internet Marketing, it is difficult to have both.  Computers do make our lives easier, and more interesting.  There is a vast amount of information available on every subject you can imagine.  This is exactly why Real Estate Agents are faced with a choice.  The fact of the matter is, quality Internet marketing takes time.

Following is a list of standard features to consider:

Listing Home Menomonee Falls

Ez1 Realty


  • Quality description of your property professionally written
  • Quality pictures
  • Accurate specifications

Following is a list of advanced features to consider:


  • Online video
  • Advanced Internet marketing on multiple sites.
  • Planned and executed changes to your Internet Listing.

Following is a list of advanced features designed to keep you, the Seller aware of results of your marketing campaign:

  • Showing reports E-mailed to you.
  • MLS reports showing search results from other Agents.
  • Neighborhood marketing updates E-mailed to you an a regular basis.

Listing your property should be the beginning of a strategic marketing campaign, not the result of one.

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