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Property Listing Specials: 5.00% Commission

Property Listing Specials: 5.00% Commission

includes Advanced Internet Marketing

Property listings with a flexible commission scale.
Property Sellers have different needs and expectations.  Not one single commission schedule will appeal to every Seller nor suit their needs.

The property type dictates the marketing plan you will need.  Selling a home is very different than selling a duplex or a multi family unit.  Selling a condominium will have a completely different set of challenges.   Marketing a commercial or investment property is vastly different than marketing a single family home.  Properties can be as diverse as the owners.  Each must have it’s own personal marketing plan targeting a specific group of qualified and eligible Buyers.

Location dictates the approach taken in developing a custom marketing plan to sell a home.  Buyers looking for homes in Milwaukee may have shopping habits quite different than those in Menomonee Falls, Brookfield or Germantown.  Some cities such as Brown Deer and Muskego have requirements that need to be fulfilled before a house is sold.

Market conditions vary.  A home for sale in certain areas of Oak Creek and Franklin may face difficult challenges caused by economic situations beyond our control.  These conditions vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Some areas in Franklin are very stable and predictable.  Sections of Oak Creek are very volatile with fluctuating prices.  Areas such as Menomonee Falls, Brookfield and Muskego have seen a period of minor price increases while small sections of Milwaukee have experienced drastic price reductions.  Viewing a report based on actual market conditions during the sale period of the home will tell you exactly what the market conditions are and what actions need to be taken.

Price and condition are other factors that need to be considered.

Before a commission can be agreed upon between a Seller and a Broker the parties need to schedule a meeting.  The property and market conditions need to be reviewed by both parties and a marketing plan needs to be established.  A number of options need to be discussed, considered. And agreed upon.

Information is power in the Real Estate market.  It can save you time and money.  Consider all of the options before making a decision.

Here is a list of services to consider:

  • Review current market conditions in your area
  • Determine a sale price
  • Review suggestions on how to prepare your property for all future showings
  • Answer your questions concerning marketing, advertising, commissions, contracts and any other issues
  • Supply you with a detailed estimate of selling costs and proceeds
  • Property photos inside and outside
  • Room measurements
  • Specification sheets
  • MLS listing
  • Yard sign
  • Lock box
  • Showing registration and follow up
  • Qualify potential buyers
  • Open Houses
  • Full Color ad in the Real Estate Book
  • Internet promotion
  • Virtual tour

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