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True Christian Ethics


Lets imagine for a moment you write a book.  Not just any book but a book about God.  Let’s imagine the Holy Spirit had a big part in putting this book together.  The Holy Spirit provided you with experiences, brought all of these experiences to light at the proper time,  put people in your life to add to these experiences.  The Holy Spirit found the time in your busy schedule to write this book and publish it.  The Holy Spirit even found the money to publish the book for you.

How much do you think this book would sell for?  Not $199 or $99, not even $19.  The price of this book is FREE!!!  You can download your copy for free.  Or contact the author and learn how you may obtain a written copy.

I have read this book and I can say, the reading is easy.  Paul has a unique way of expressing his ideas.  Below is a short introduction to the book.

A wise mentor by the name of Graham Maxwell once said to me: ”
your religion doesn’ make sense…it’ the wrong religion” That
statement was probably the single most welcome challenge I ever
considered in my quest for truth. Everyone has a religion they follow,
whether they admit it or not. Webster defines it as ” personal set of
attitudes, beliefs and practices” Everyone has those. Everyone
believes in God too…though the god varies. Some believe they
themselves are god. A great many people believe this even though
they’ unaware of it.
This book will provide you with the tools necessary to put any and
every Bible story or passage into a context that will make sense and
harmonize with the theme of God’ character as one of love throughout
the Bible. It does require some block-building, so let’ get underway.

This is one book I would highly recommend.

Visit Oh My God! For all the details and to download your free copy.  And don’t forget to tell your friends.

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