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Never Pay for a List of Foreclosed Properties

If you are looking at foreclosures you may have searched for them on the Internet. Chances are you have seen pictures of homes, looking like mansions at unbelievable prices. Remember the old saying, “if it looks too good to be true….”

Many of these sites use trade mark names but have no affiliation with these nationally known businesses. What does that tell you about these companies? Do you want to know the truth about foreclosed properties? Lenders owning these properties are doing all they can to market these properties so they can sell them as quickly as possible. All foreclosed properties are listed with a local Real Estate Broker. Information about foreclosed properties is free!!!

Answering ads on Internet sites offering foreclosures can be risky, you never know who is on the other end and where they are located. The National Association of Realtors sends notices of the scams on the Internet. It is easy for scam artists to copy information from any ad and paste it into their web site. To avoid these scams follow these general rules.

Do not contact any company that does not clearly state the name of the company, address and phone number. BY LAW ALL LICENSED REAL ESTATES AGENTS MUST CLEARLY STATE THEIR NAME, THE NAME OF THE BROKER AND THEIR PHONE NUMBER. If you do not see this information CLEARLY stated, you are not viewing an ad or web site for a licensed Real Estate Agent.
Contact only local agents since these are the only agents that will be able to assist you. They can send you listings and set up appointments to see the properties. Provide your local agent information on the type of property you are looking for and your preferred location. They will provide you information about listings in your area for free.

Never pay a fee!!! I have never heard of a licensed Real Estate Agent charging a fee to show a property.

Foreclosed properties never provide complete information on a property, so you have to call an agent, set an appointments and view properties. You will have the option to hire a state licensed inspector after an accepted offer is signed. A state licensed inspector will provide you with a list of the property defects. After receiving this list you may have a choice to go on with the purchase or cancel the contract. You will have to pay for an inspection. You local Real Estate Agent may be able to provide you with a list of local inspectors.

I wanted to make one thing perfectly clear. You can obtain a free list of foreclosed properties from any local Real Estate Agent. This information is public and FREE. If anyone wants to charge for this information, do not reply, delete the e-mail, close the Internet window or hang up the phone. Don’t even consider sharing any information if there is a chance of a fee being charged.

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