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10 Ways to Become a Billionaire

1, Find someone with 2 billion dollars and ask them for half.

2. Get a paper route and deliver 4 billion papers at a quarter a piece.

3. Get a job paying $20 an hour and work 50 million hours or 24,038 years.

4. Become a Real Estate Agent and sell $41,666,666,000 worth of Real Estate.

5. Win 10 lotteries worth 10 million dollars or 20 lotteries after taxes.

6. Have 5787 babies and collect $800 a month disability from each kid for 18 years.

7. Retire and collect $1200 a month social security for 83,333 years.

8. Recycle 2.5 billion pounds of aluminum cans at 40 cents a pound.

9. Get elected president of the United States for 625 terms.  That is 2500 years at $400,000 per year.

The easiest way to become a billionaire.

10. Become the CEO of one of the eight financial institutions asking for government money.  This requires no skill and the least amount of effort.  Not including number 1 above.  If this pay is restricted see number 9 above.

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