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Million Dollars for your Idea

Here is your chance to sound off and make some real cash.  Google is paying for ideas.  I guess Google has given up on government to come up with solutions and is going to the public.  Great publicity and hopefully they will get some real solutions that work.

I think this is a great idea who’s time has come.  Once again Google has come up with an concept that could change the world.  And the best part if it is, we are all on equal ground when it comes to profiting from this deal.  Here’s a chance to see if you can really change the world.


14 Responses

  1. What if a large fleet of aircraft, flew over a hurricane with volley ball size dry ice and dropped them in the storm to cool the air. Would it make the storm smaller?

    If it worked it would be a lot cheaper than the cost of the damage of the storm.

  2. This is a really cool idea. No pun intended. But what if these aircraft were carrying liquid nitrogen and sprayed it like a crop sprayer. You are right it would be a whole lot cheaper and easier on people’s live. Register the idea with Google and see where it goes.

  3. hi,

    what if each (or as more as possible) government of the world will decide that each of its working citizen is entitled to redirect 2% of his/her taxes to a destination of his/her choice? lets also say that this will become rule of law in every country, so that monthly (or yearly) 2% of the tax contribution payed by each citizen and collected by the state will be instead summed up in a single fund. those special funds in each country will then be gathered together in a dedicated bank account (or fund)which, in every year, will be donated to another of the poorest countries in africa (or other parts of the world), in order to help the poor and to fight starvation. the donation may also be made to a special organisation which will ensure that the fund has reached it’s right direction.


  5. Roy

    That would have been a really good idea last week. My 401K lost 25% today. It never recovered from the last stock drop four years ago. Although most of the companies I have invested in have posted a 30-40% increase in profit. I think we need to go back to taxing capitol gains at a higher rate. Too many people are in and out and paying the 15% tax rate on capitol gains. This has been killing our 401k plans. Day traders are eating up the profits while the rest of us see our saving dwindle.

  6. The google idea contest does not pay the individual. The money goes directly into implementing the idea. I don’t believe the individual gets any part of the google dollars; however, if the idea is good enough that the public would be willing to pay for it then the person might see some money.

  7. If scientists can come up with a process to “mine” old plastics and convert them into a safe fuel or a safe usable byproduct, we would eliminate the plastic waste problem and the islands of garbage floating in our oceans and poisoning our wildlife. Instead of tossing old plastics into landfill or sending it out to sea, old plastics would become valuable and sought after.

    As well, I’d like to see any new hydrocarbon-based plastic production reduced drastically and eventually stopped. We can use paper, glass and plant-based plastics which are biodegradable/compostible in the future.

    Granny Sue

  8. All USB adapter cords, power adapater cords, or any type of cable providing connectivity to any other type of device which it was packaged and sold together with should have a more specific labeling (or tag) that states what it goes to, NOT JUST a Manufacturer’s name, but the specific device it shipped with. I don’t care whether or not it will work with other gadgets, I just want to know what it came with because it is too easy to misplace badly needed cables when you want to accomplish something. Sometimes people mistakenly walk off with other people’s USB adapters…I hate having to run to radio shack all the damned time.

  9. Sue

    Some one already came up with that idea. All Fuels Inc (AFSE) has a patent on an enzyme that can turn garbage into ethanol for cars. I invested a lot into this company but the stock has done nothing but go down. It may have hit bottom now. I hope it goes up. I hope we can one day use our own garbage to power our cars.

  10. Some of this world’s best thinkers are often troubled, disturbed or distracted to follow through with their ideas. Google can provide a forum for ideas to be presented and then refined by other brilliant minds into real solutions. I am not interested in getting filthy stinking rich and owning huge estates or making anyone’s “A” list. I would, however, like some security, because I do not want to end up homeless, or worse, in a state run institution in my golden years. So maybe, Google can help out here and provide a means for the innovative thinkers. I am not the smartest, nor would I want to be. If we are going to make a difference, we must put minor differences aside and work together as a team. Ideas fly in and out of my head all the time, I just need some help in their development.

  11. Why not have a feature in the email that will change the language. Our world is getting smaller and many of us do not know a second or third language. So, the mail from China could be changed to English.

  12. Lulu

    Do you know of a program? I have not looked into this for a few years. Last time I saw anything available it was for the user, not the author.

  13. A car that can turn into a flying machine in a matter of seconds,

  14. I am a very happy person all the time. I don’t keep things bottled up, because i spend most of the day venting to friends about what happened on the way to work or why the person in from of me at the grocery store never has anything ready. My venting and making light of the situation helps relieve the days stress, and believe me. On any given day there are 5 people that you will meet that make you glad your you. I think Google should have a vent tab that people can log into, and get rid of some frustration while entertaining the rest of us. I guess its better to vent on Google than face to face with the person.

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